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We are living a fast-paced lifestyle where we get very little time to go out and buy things that we desire.  Thankfully, we are part of the digital era where everything that we want to buy is available online.  And the food is no exception! The need of going out to the restaurants for having the food has decreased ever since the restaurants have started delivering the food online. According to statistics, the online food delivery service market has already crossed $100 billion worldwide. It is extremely convenient for people as they can satisfy their cravings anytime they want by simply sitting at home and ordering food from restaurants online. This technology-driven shift has eliminated the need for physical existence for restaurants and gave birth to Cloud kitchen.

A cloud kitchen which is also referred to as a “Virtual kitchen” or “Ghost kitchen” is a commercial kitchen set up to prepare and deliver food online.  In comparison with the dine-in restaurants, cloud kitchen does not require any investment in a physical place as food order and delivery are entirely managed online. It is a very cost-effective option. A person with a basic kitchen set up at home can also start a cloud kitchen business. All you need is an ability to produce good quality food consistently coupled with some basic awareness of various online platforms that can be used to start and sustain the cloud kitchen.

So, if you are passionate about starting your own online food business then this training module is for you. In this course, we will understand the concept of cloud kitchen in detail. You will get answers to all your queries such as what is cloud kitchen, how to start the cloud kitchen, what is the minimum investment required, what kind of licenses are required, what are the various ways to promote the cloud kitchen business etc. So, what are you waiting for? Let us begin!

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