Introduction to Online Business

Enrolled: 161 students
Duration: Self-Paced
Lectures: 9
Video: 100 Minutes
Level: Intermediate

The Internet has been the greatest technological breakthrough of our lifetime. And learning how to leverage the internet to make money from it is the best opportunity we have. According to estimates, the count of people using the internet is around 4.2 billion currently, and in the next 10 years, it is going to reach up to 7.5 billion users. This shows that the use of the internet is just going to increase in the coming years.

It is mind-boggling how people are earning thousands and millions already by effectively using this internet. There is no secret formula. All we need is a skill, passion, and an understanding of how to start and run an online business effectively. This module is going to equip you with that knowledge. It will help you to understand what is an online business, why it is important in today’s world, and what are different ways to start an online business.

It will also throw light on some of the key elements associated with the online business such as performing market research, creating an online store on various platforms, online business marketing, etc, and much more. Moreover, we will reach you how to use free online tools to build your business! So, let our journey to start the online business begin!

Introduction to Online Businesses
2 Minutes
Building Your Ecommerce Website
18 Minutes
Selling Products on Ecommerce Platforms
9 Minutes
Marketing Your Products
15 Minutes
Understanding Freelancing
10 Minutes
Using Freelancing Platform
12 Minutes
Becoming A YouTuber Part 1
11 Minutes
Becoming a Youtuber Part 2
5 Minutes
Closing Remarks
6 Minutes
Introduction to Online Business Quiz
10 questions

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